Method Of My Own is a proud sponsor of Grumpy's Rust World.
If you love playing Rust as much as we do, please don't hesitate to join in.
Noob friendly environment! Active Admins ONLY FORCE WIPE! and much more!
We are a new server and are still working out the small bugs but with time hopefully it will be great. Right now we are a small 30 player server but this is just to check latency and will be increased as more players join.
We try not to wipe the server as much as possible (nothing is more annoying then building a huge base and it getting wiped) But unfortunately some updates force wipe on us, and this is out of our control.
We welcome everybody from groups and clans to experienced players and noobs. Everyone Is WELCOME!
The server is located at Method Of My Own Studios in Ottawa Canada.
We are currently looking for Admins and Mods. We feel for players to have the best experience is to have a mod or admin active on the server as much as possible. 

To apply for Admin or Mod you must have at least one week on the server without conflict with another player.
If you apply to be Admin we will start you off as a mod (can only kick and ban players) Then after a week or so you will be moved to Admin rank. This is to ensure you can be trusted and to stop Admin abuse.

It's all about the players. Remember the only way this will work is if we have players no players no fun :(
As Admin or Mod your job is to make sure the players have a good time on the server.
solve any conflict you can as diplomatically as you can. If you find you can't, message Blazedallup and he will deal with it as Head Admin. To apply fillout the form below with subject Admin or Mod. 
Also Please use this form to report Violators on the server. Thank you.

We now have a Mumble Voice server. If you wish to talk to the people on the server or need a voice chat for your group we got you covered. Need to know what Mumble is? or how to use/connect to it click HERE.
We do not use Discord as it has security vulnerability's.

Mumble Server Connection Info: Port 64738
Active Admins/Mods

Blazedallup/Head Admin
Steam User Name