Hey everyone, My name is Brian but my friends call me Blings. I am looking to start a band or at the least a jam session twice a month.
I have been playing music now on and off for about 20 years. I am not the best musician in the world and to be honest i am fairly rusty right now.
I live with my Wife and 2 kids and i do not drink alcohol but i don't mind if the guys have a few drinks during jam.
my music interests are
Foo Fighters
pearl jam
pretty much anything from the 1990/2000 erra

i am not stuck on any one genre and i am willing to play almost any type of music, i just love to play.
i have been in a few bands back in the day, and have many years experience jamming with other people.
The positions i can play are rhythm guitar, Bass and Drums, i am also willing to sing or do back ups.
i have gear and a house located in Ottawa where we can play. my availability is on sundays as i work all week. I am willing to pick people up for jam as long as its not to far away. I have a little studio setup here with sound booth so we can also do some recording.
If you have any other questions or are interested in setting up a jam contact me.
Thank you

Ibanez SAS32EX
LTD F-105
Marshall MG 100 Half Stack
Line 6 LD 150
Westbury Drums